About me

I am a senior undergraduate student majored in Computer Science at Tongji University, supervised by Prof. Yin Wang. Besides, I am an intern at the Visual Computing Group of ByteDance AI Lab since Jan. 2020, supervised by Dr. Jie Shao. I also have close research relationship with Bingchen Zhao.

I am determined to equip computers with the same visual capabilities as humans (perceiving & reasoning). To build intelligent machines that can not only perceive the visual world, but also tackle challenging reasoning problems under uncertainty, I pursue the answers via studies of Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Interdisciplinary Data Science (CV & NLP).

More specifically, I am interested in designing scalable learning algorithms to form structured representations of the visual world in multiple modalities to analyze massive video datasets with complex structures. In particular, I eager to advance methods in the following research areas:

Besides, I am also open to other relevant interesting topics, such as Image Processing, 3D Vision, and Computer Graphics, etc.

I am seeking a Ph.D. (or MSc by research) position starting from 2021 fall.


[Nov. 2020] Our paper “Temporal Context Aggregation for Video Retrieval with Contrastive Learning” has been accepted by WACV 2021! [Paper]

[Aug. 2020] I will serve as co-mentor for project Video Similariy-Based Event Clustering of the Algorithm Track of 2020 Byte Camp held by ByteDance Inc.

[Aug. 2020] Two papers are made public at arXiv.

[July 2020] One comprehensive tech blog about Transformers was published at Zhihu, welcome reading and discussion. [Link]

[July 2020] Our team ranked 2nd place in the ECCV 2020 Workshop VIPriors Image Classification Challenge. [Link][Paper][Code]

[June 2020] I was awarded Qidi Scholarship (Established by Ms. Qidi Wu, former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education of China) of Tongji University (Top 1%).

[May 2020] Our team won 15th place out of 1514 teams in the Machine Reading Comprehension Task of the 2020 Language and Intelligence Challenge. [Code]

[Nov. 2019] Our team won 8th place out of 705 teams in the Video Copy Detection Track of the 2019 CCF Big Data & Computing Intelligence Contest. [Code]

[Nov. 2019] Our team won championship in the International Data Science Hackathon (Chinese region) hosted by Covestro. See you in Germany~🇩🇪[Link][Code]

Education & Internship

AI Lab, ByteDance, Shanghai, China
Computer Vision Intern of the Visual Computing Group

Jan. 2020 - Present

College of Electronics and Information Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, China
Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science

Sept. 2017 - Present

The University of Manchester, Manchester, UK
United in Manchester International Summer School

July 2019 – Aug. 2019

School of Mathematical Sciences, Tongji University, Shanghai, China
Mathematical Intensive Training Class (Innovation Experimental Area)

Sept. 2017 - Jan. 2019